The GildeLab is a small community oriented sustainable atelier, where everybody flourishes together...


Our vision

is a sustainable future for both women with a distance to employment and small fashion/lifestyle brands in Amsterdam.

Our mission

Our social mission is to bridge the gap to future employment for women whilst supporting conscious brands. We offer a safe environment where women gain professional skills, on the job experience and confidence to work in commercial fashion/lifestyle production. We also provide small, conscious brands with professional guidance and good value production. In this way, we create a more sustainable future for both our trainees and clients.

We achieve this by...


  • Providing a safe, women-only lab for our local neighbourhood, forming a creative community within the four walls of the atelier and beyond through open days, workshops.
  • Nuturing confidence to enter the workplace by providing production, professional and intergration skills.
  • Facilitating on the job training whilst ensuring quality-led, local product development and production at value for money.
  • Providing guidance to our clients, small sustainable brands, by helping them with the production process and in start-up skills needed to survive as a fashion/lifestyle brand today.

GildeLab team

Jenny Sinton
Stichting manger
Samra Halli
Atelier manager
Marketing intern
Channa  De Mooij
Job coach

Board of directors

Mark Nijenhuis
Angela Kilcoyne Confidential advisor

Our Partners