We help you to bridge the gap to your
future employment...

The Volunteer lab 

During your time at the Volunteer Lab, we will work with you to connect you to your next professional step. 

GildeLab ensures that you develop relevant professional skills, knowledge and documentation that can be apply both in your professional work environment and with your own personal development.  

As a volunteer you will interact with trainers, clients and like-minded colleagues on activities and projects that target self-development under these specific areas.

On the job training

GildeLab collaborates with several new and established sustainable/social brands within the lifestyle/fashion industry, which enables you to gain valuable learning and work skills.  

This training method involves you moving from one project to another to gain valuable insight, knowledge and experience from a variety of different assignments.

You will be trained step-by-step on each new assignment by our atelier manager and provided with feedback to support your personal development within a work based environment. Each client/brand project will be added as experience on your CV and presented in your portfolio.

Professional development

Personal development skills are qualities and abilities that help you grow both personally and professionally. GildeLab will help you to nurture your personal development. Understanding and improving these skills can help you maximize your potential.

The skills you will be developing are, communication, interpersonal, organisation, problem solving, self-confidence and work ethics. 

Personal development skills can benefit all parts of your life, these particular skills will be useful in the workplace and help you advance your career.

Career and job coaching

GildeLab is committed to placing you in the labour market.  To achieve this, we provide you with a mentoring programme with designated job coaches in both 1:1 meetings and small group workshops to build confidence, to produce a personal development plan and to build a industry network, to further your career and/or eduction opportunitiies.

Personal development

In order to increase your professional skills, we offer online courses, to support you in developing your CV, motivation letter, application for jobs and interview tactics.

You will also during your ‘on the job’ training develop a practical portfolio, demonstrating professional skills within the area of fashion/lifestyle production processes.

How to become a volunteer ︎︎︎

GildeLab is here to bridge that gap to employment and/or education and to help you make new friends, increases your confidence and become part of a bigger community. The programme is 1/2 year/s commitment as a volunteer, based on a maximum of 12 hours per week ( two days a week), where you will work and learn within a team of like minded women. You must be aged 18+ with some knowledge of sewing skills and be comitted to moving into employment or further education. If you would like further information or like to arrange an appointment and visit the studio please contact us