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Pattern cutting
short course︎︎︎

This womenswear pattern cutting course has been designed as a great first step towards setting up your own business or a career as a professional pattern cutter. You'll start with an introduction to the industry standard size 40 block and be taken step by step through the core skills of pattern reading and style interpretation. You'll then move on to use this knowledge to alter different parts of the pattern pieces, practicing many variations of styles over an extended period of study whilst under the guidance of a specialist.

What you will learn...

To analyse and interpret fashion drawings / clothing images

To use appropriate methods for drafting blocks

To adapt and manipulate garment patterns

To use instructional handouts, tools and materials correctly

To amend garment patterns

Entry requirments

No formal qualifications are required. We invite you for an informal meeting to get to know one another and share further information about the course.