A Sustainable Collaboration:

Little Boomerang and Stichting GildeLab Transforming Fashion
for a Better Future

Stichting GildeLab collaborates with brands that are conscious, sustainable, and ethical. Since 2022, GildeLab has been collaborating with Little Boomerang. Little Boomerang transforms men's shirts into children's clothing. This way, unworn shirts are "boomeranged" into unique items. The new collection will go live on March 11. We spoke with owner Marlies Touw about Little Boomerang, the new collection, and the collaboration with GildeLab.


Little Boomerang was founded in 2017. The idea emerged in response to the ever-growing mountain of discarded clothing in the world. Little Boomerang aims to demonstrate that there is still tremendous potential in this 'old' clothing and to inspire people to see value in what already exists. The idea behind the name is that clothing is initially discarded but ultimately returns in a different form. Thus, they 'boomerang' men's shirts into unique children's items. "I think it's important that we all become aware of how much clothing is thrown away annually," says owner Marlies. "And that something sustainable or upcycled is not inferior to a 'new' item, but actually much more unique and special."

From men's shirt to unique children's item

Little Boomerang creates their new collection 'Classics from the past made into icons of the future' from worn men's shirts. These are often of good quality but no longer wearable due to a worn collar or cuff. All items are unique, and original details are kept intact where possible: for example, the pants' legs are made from the shirt's sleeves and cuffs. The collection is for children up to 6 years old. "Children are a grateful target group," says Marlies. "By wearing the upcycled items, they become more aware of the clothing and materials they wear."

Stichting GildeLab

After a search and a lot of research, Marlies found Stichting GildeLab. "I immediately thought Stichting GildeLab was a great concept. I think it's fantastic that women with a distance from the labor market can learn the trade in a safe environment." The collaboration between Little Boomerang and Stichting GildeLab has since grown into a great partnership. Marlies often visits and enjoys being at Stichting GildeLab. Upcycling shirts sometimes encounters difficulties, so it's nice that she can always come by to follow the process closely.

Unique collaboration

"There are few studios like this in the Netherlands. Stichting GildeLab helps with the entire process. From pattern, to sample, to production." Marlies also enjoys brainstorming with Stichting GildeLab. She has learned a lot through collaboration with Stichting GildeLab. "I now have so much more knowledge about fashion production than when I started." If you are a budding brand with an idea, it truly takes shape at Stichting GildeLab.

Little Boomerang won the 'Crush Award' from the prestigious children's fashion magazine Milk Magazine in Paris this year. Starting from March 11, they are organizing a pop-up store in the Negen Straatjes Amsterdam, and the collection 'Classics from the past made into icons of the future' is available for purchase online at www.littleboomerang.nl.

Kom Langs en geniet van een dag vol creativiteit

28th Januari | 11:00 tot 14:00
Ferdinand Huykstraat 60

GildeLab nodigt u graag uit onze gratis workshop.  Tijdens deze workshop leert u de basisprincipes van naaien en kunt u zelf aan de slag in ons professioele atelier.  Of u nu een ervaren naai-enthousiasteling bent of gewoon een leuke middag wilt beleven, iedereen is welkom om mee te doen.

Meer informatie ︎︎︎

‘Winter Bouw Open’

Welcomes the public to visit the Broedplaats Bouw Studios on Saturday December 10th from 4pm at Ferdinand Huyckstraat 74 in Amsterdam.

The Broedplaats Bouw artists will open their studios to the public. It's a great opportunity to explore a vast array of art and design, see the most recent artwork, talk to artists about their creative process, get inspired by ou community's diverse styles and mediums, make connections, and buy affordable art directly from the artist.

The ’Bouwers’ taking part in this special event include: Aga Lab, Atousa Bandeh, Boro Atelier, Bob Waardenburg, Brigitte de Lange, BYBROWN, Cian-Yu Bai, Clary Stolte, Daan Mars, Floor Knaapen, Gildela, Studio Hagel, Hessel de Ronde, Itamar Gilboa, Iris Box, Josse Pyl Ko Aarts, Logic Locks, Magnus Monfelt, Meike Sier, Marilyn Sonneveld, Marnix Postma, Maureen Nahumury, Natalia Wyspianska, Peim van der Sloot, Roman Zhu, Suat Ogut, Theo Brandsma, Tjitske Oosterholt, Triplets, Zid Theat.

The DJs playing their tunes for you will be DJ Cristel Bell and DJ Urvi. Mexican food & Margaritas by Lupe, Vegan food by ASA Vegan Sushi. Beers by Oedipus.

Free event.