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Idea to concept ︎︎︎

This course is designed to develop your knowledge and technical skills in the area of product manufacturing. You will learn how to pattern manipulate based on your product technical specifications and develop this into final working patterns and use specialised industrial machinery to manufacture a fully finished sample, ready for full manufacture.

You will also work with like-mind people, gain valuable feedback from your peers, tutors and experts from the industry.

What you will learn...

You will learn to design a document containing all the technical information about your product specifications.  

You will recognise and identifiy appropriate fabric choices for your product.   

You will translate, develop and test your product into a series of 3D samples.   

You will produce a fully finished sample ready for full production.   

Entry requirments

No formal qualifications are required. We invite you for an informal meeting to discuss your product ideas and your motivations.