This code sets out the core values and rules of conduct that all of us must follow in our everyday choices, behaviors and decisions. Compliance with this code will give us an advantage in doing business and will contribute to the long-term continuity of GildeLab Foundation.

All employees and stakeholders of GildeLab Foundation are expected to behave according to the values and business principles of our Foundation and to comply with GildeLab Foundation policy and laws and regulations. Failure to comply with the code may result in disciplinary action. This code may be amended and supplemented from time to time by the management of Gildelab Foundation. Where this code refers to GildeLab Foundation, this refers to all initiatives, projects and business activities that have been developed, established or contracted within the collective.

GildeLab Foundation maintains the following principles for maintaining our ethical standards that apply to any director, partner, contracted third party, business services recipient, consultant, employee or contracted professional within our organization:

1.   Our Ethical Regulations: We comply with the letter and spirit of all laws, ordinances and rules. Our conduct is based on the highest ethical standards.

2.   We will provide advice and services to clients impartially, responsibly and with integrity and will act honestly, fairly, responsibly, respectfully, legally and without bias.

3.   Respect for the individual and for his/her human rights and the protection of personal and confidential data: We respect the human rights of our data subjects; no expense is spared to monitor and adequately protect it, just like personal data.

4.  Stichting GildeLab is an Equal Opportunities Employer and is committed to recruiting the best staff and volunteers available.  We will ensure fair and equal opportunities for all potential and existing employers, within a diverse and inclusive workplace.  This relates to gender, marital status, family status, age, race, sexual orientation and religious beliefs. Further information can be found on our recruitment policy.

5.   Management and Preservation of Confidential Information: We recognize the importance of individual and corporate proprietary and confidential information and are committed to taking thorough precautions to ensure proper management and optimal protection of such  information. We will not provide any information, data, results or reports to third parties without the prior written consent of the legal owner.

6.   We will indicate the improbability of sufficient benefits for the client from the assignment awarded at the earliest opportunity.

7.   We do not provide advice and/or services if we are insufficiently qualified to do so.

8.   We will maintain knowledge, competence and skills through continuing education.

9.   Corporate citizen and social activities: we are always aware that we are a member of the international society and actively participate in social activities as a good corporate citizen and contribute to creating a safe society.

10.   We will avoid conflicts of interest with other clients or colleagues where possible.

11.   We will in no way make use of knowledge or information acquired during a previous assignment if this harms the relevant client.

12.   Addressing environmental concerns: We maintain compatibility between our business activities and environmental conservation by creating a world that is easier for people to live in. In addition, we actively contribute to protecting the environment and building a more sustainable society that creates and maintains a balance between economic and ecological interests.

13.   We will not damage the reputation of the entire profession through intent, indifference or collaboration with those whose practice could damage the reputation of the entire profession.

14.   We will be transparent during an assignment and, in addition to the agreed fees, will not receive any other rewards arising from the advice given and/or work performed, other than with the explicit permission of the client.

15.   We respect the rights and individuality of each of our fellow human beings and strive for an environment that enables everyone to realize the development of their respective abilities and personality.

16.   In-house ethical approach and commitment: We are aware of our role in implementing this Code. We are committed to preserving this code and promoting awareness of the ethical standards and principles among all stakeholders within MCA Europe Foundation.

17.   We will strictly adhere to this code.